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About Us

Our team secures Grammy award winning artists, Oscar winning actors, elite athletes and award winning comedians for your events. We provide insight, expertise and help create memorable events for your clients, colleagues and employees. We ensure the smooth and seamless execution of your event, from beginning to end. Whether you want to book Justin Bieber, U2, Tom Hanks or Tiger Woods, we will make it happen. Connecting with your clients and colleagues is vital to a positive, productive and lucrative environment. Your colleagues and clients are the lifeblood of your business. Reward those around you with an event that speaks to them.

We are connected

With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, spanning throughout the music industry, film and television, sports and comedy, we can secure the best of the best for your events.

We work within your budget to find the right celebrity for your event, book the entertainment, negotiate production needs, and manage the entertainment on the day of the show.

  • discuss celebrity availability, fees and production costs
  • Secure performer based on budget and demographic
  • Coordinate with production team
  • RER Event Liaison on the day of the event

Why us?

We work closely with artists, management, record labels and agencies worldwide. No artist is out of reach.

Do you know if you are paying too much for an artist?

Just like real estate, celebrity rates fluctuate over time. In mere months, the rate to secure a celebrity for an event could jump or drop. We do not provide “price lists” because we examine many factors in real time to determine the value of an appearance or performance to secure the best rate. We go over your wish list to determine the expected cost once the planning has commenced. We can we get you the best for your budget, and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, leaving room to spend in other areas of the event.

Are you finding it difficult to secure the celebrity of your choice on your own?

Celebrity representatives are cautious about working with companies or individuals not known to them. So many foreseeable and otherwise avoidable issues arise. Stages are not built to artist specifications, noise restrictions, issues with permits and many other needless problems lead to frustration, stress and anger from all parties involved. RER Productions allows for the celebrity representatives to feel confident that knowledgeable and proactive staff are making certain that the expected and unexpected are dealt with by experienced staff, in a professional and efficient manner.

Do you have the expertise to ensure the technical and hospitality riders are executed properly?

RER Productions has 25 years of experience dealing with the technical aspects of a performance. We handle the backline, rider, stage plot, audio inputs, and other aspects of the event. Our staff draw from years of experience performing in touring bands across North America, managing artists and producing events. We have the skills and expertise to ensure the show is executed flawlessly.

Do you have the legal expertise to ensure contracts are drawn up in your favour?

Artist requirements are strict. If contractual obligations are not adhered to the artist could refuse to perform. With our experience, we work with you to secure the most favourable agreement and ensure that the contract is adhered to.